Silent Hill: Stay away from Twin Perfect!

Twin Perfect is a group that was popularly known for producing “The Real Silent Hill Experience” on YouTube. The documentary was noted for being spear headed by Fungo, someone who has been well known in the SH community since 2005, and Rosseter who no one really knew about other than his associations with Fungo.

While there is plenty of content on the web debunking the documentary itself and its claims about Silent Hill, I am not going to talk about that. (It’s too long!) Rather, I want to show other reasons to steer clear of TP and to exonerate Fungo, whose claims during the split seem well founded. I am also writing this as a warning to newcomers to the franchise who may be smitten with TRSHE fantastic looking videos, that they may have not accurately researched the series themselves. Continue reading

Pyramid Head: Exclusivity?


James (right) shoots at the Pyramid Head monster in Silent Hill 2

There’s been a huge debate in the community over the exclusivity to James. When he appeared in Homecoming, this was controversial because it was assumed to be a subjective experience for James. But going over the lore, it may be completely plausible for the PH to exist in other forms, just like the Valtiel is said to in the Book of Lost Memories. Let’s take a look….

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The Silent Hill God is not “Samael”! *spoilers*

This stupid rumor has been going on for over a decade. I have no idea where it originated but like many Silent Hill rumors that become oft repeated myths, it is not a fact and has been disproved. Still to this day people keep repeating it. Most people don’t even know who Samael is in real world mythology that SH draws from, however, an “incubus” is not one of them in any format.

The rumor is up there with “Valtiel is the yellow god because it’s yellow and Pyramid Head is red so therefore it’s the red god.”! It’s sloppy and lazy. It ignores primary sourced material and things the creator’s actually said. Now the myth is so big in the fandom and abroad, that even things such as wikias cite it as “fact” without consulting supplementary material or even in game material. Just because something is often mistaken or oft repeated by people does not make it objectively true. (Ad populum fallacy)

It does not help that the more something is said, the more true it appears. Science has confirmed this as an actual phenomena and SH fans fall into this trap time and time again without actually reading the vast amount of Silent Hill supplementary material or in game memos to confirm it’s accuracy!

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Brahman is not the Abrahamic concept of “God”!

While this has been discussed before, I am not the only one who has pointed this out. Many use ‘brahman’ to show Hinduism as “monotheistic”. (A part of me thinks this is done to ease Westerner’s fears of Hinduism.) Hinduism is not monotheistic, inherently! There is definitely monotheistic sects, but they’re nothing like this!

The story of brahman and what it is, needs to be affirmed here as much misinformation is present in Western regions about Hinduism. Most paint it as something similar to the Abrahamic concept of God. I believe this to be inaccurate and only sold to be easily digestible to Westerners. In my opinion, especially in brahamn’s nirguna aspect, it is far more likened to primordial chaos; a concept that is not far from Indo-European religions. (I.e. Greek and Nordic, and in such myths as chaoskempf.)

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“Reclaiming” Heathenism & other forms of Paganism

SO I guess this topic is even more relevant with the current political climate in America.

The Spiral Grove

thor.jpg A painting of Thor, the god of thunder

Disclaimer: I am not a Heathen, I do sometimes work with Nordic gods but I do not consider myself a Heathen in any sense of the word. (I am however, a pagan.) This is completely an outsider’s point of view when concerning Heathenism and it will mostly focus on this. (It could be applied to other forms of paganism, though.) Also, this is an American perspective and focal point. (I know next to nothing about modern pagan communities inside Europe or abroad and their problems.)

“Heathenism” is an umbrella term, much like the term “paganism” is, for many unaware, referring to a plethora of religions with common ground. The main difference is that Heathenism concentrates more on a specific area of the world; Germany, Austria, Nordic practices, etc. (This much like Hinduism is used to denote the religious indigenous practices of India…

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