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Killing the Sixties: Abuse, Consent, #MeToo and the Pagan Community

Originally posted on Atheopaganism:
Today, the revelation of accusations of child molestation against the late Ar nDraiocht Fein founder Isaac Bonewits hit the Pagan community. This comes in the wake of the conviction of Kenny Klein, a prominent figure in…

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“Reclaiming” Heathenism & other forms of Paganism

Originally posted on The Spiral Grove:
A painting of Thor, the god of thunder Disclaimer: I am not a Heathen, I do sometimes work with Nordic gods but I do not consider myself a Heathen in any sense of the…

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Happy Birthday Courtney Love

Happy Birthday to the Queen! I love Courtney so much.

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Reverse Fetishising Kali?

Originally posted on Queer Shaktism:
Kali was originally depicted naked, in sexual congress with the corpse like Shiva and with naked dakinis or female servant witches dancing on the battlefield with bloodied daggers and swords. She carried terrible weapons and…

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A couple of months ago I did a day trip to visit the historical site of one of the 10 internment camps which were formed due to Executive Order 9066 issued on February 19, 1942. Manzanar Relocation Camp is located … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Chris Cornell

Taking a break from pagan posts… 😦 Grunge icon and legend Chris Cornell has died at the age of 52. He died suddenly in Detroit, a rep confirmed. The cause of death is undetermined at the moment. A medical examiner … Continue reading

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Lilith: A Modern Goddess

Disclaimer: So, I am in the process of making this huge post on the goddess Ishtar in a modern interpretation. In the meantime, I wrote a modern view of Lilith as a goddess of Neopaganism, combining what I learned and … Continue reading

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