5 Misconceptions about Wicca for Pagans

I feel like I have to make this blog because there is just so much misinformation/disinofrmation that still pervades the Wiccan and pagan community, as a whole. I have absolutely no problem with people who use some of these as a personal practice or beliefs. (Also, this blog will be a list because yay! Lists are fun!)


The Wiccan Goddess in one of her many guises

Most of the time I see a lot of these words, oft repeat, ad naseum, by Neo-Wiccans. It’s usually not by Trad witches. (Thanks, Llewellyn.) These misconceptions are outdated and intolerant. Especially, to the greater occult communities. At this point, I don’t think we have to aim to please Christians, anymore, for the most part. (Long post ahead)

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Brahman is not the Abrahamic concept of “God”!

While this has been discussed before, I am not the only one who has pointed this out. Many use ‘brahman’ to show Hinduism as “monotheistic”. (A part of me thinks this is done to ease Westerner’s fears of Hinduism.) Hinduism is not monotheistic, inherently! There is definitely monotheistic sects, but they’re nothing like this!

The story of brahman and what it is, needs to be affirmed here as much misinformation is present in Western regions about Hinduism. Most paint it as something similar to the Abrahamic concept of God. I believe this to be inaccurate and only sold to be easily digestible to Westerners. In my opinion, especially in brahamn’s nirguna aspect, it is far more likened to primordial chaos; a concept that is not far from Indo-European religions. (I.e. Greek and Nordic, and in such myths as chaoskempf.)

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Documentary on Kali puja in Trinidad/Tobago

This is very interesting. One of the best parts is a black woman at the 14:00 mark who speaks of worshiping Kali. It’s not interesting because she is not Indian, it’s interesting because she goes onto say she is a practicing Roman Catholic and a practicing Hindu. Nobody sees anything wrong with this and I think that is great.

What is special about being a Hindu? — A View from my Sight

I love this so much. This is why I am Hindu. So much freedom, so many philosophies. So much inclusiveness.

What is special about being a Hindu : 1) Believe in God ! – Aastik – Accepted 2) Don’t believe in God ! – You’re accepted as Nastik 3) You want to worship idols – please go ahead. You are a murti pujak. 4) You dont want to worship idols – no problem. You can […]

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Nightmare of New Mexico

I just woke up from a nightmare. I hadn’t had one in awhile. Even when I watch a ton of horror movies, I tend to never have them. I haven’t even been watching horror movies lately. I do however, like to share dreams every now and gain to explore them later. If they’re too personal the dreams may never end up here. (I will write them down in my journal, though.) This one is not so much. It’s pretty general.

The setting was the New Mexico desert in a cluster of trailers. I don’t know how I got there or why. I was also a child again, and had a female child friend named Sarah. (We were about 9-10 years old.) We shared a room together. It was not just a huge trailer though, it was also a business like Denny’s too, for some reason.


A bit like this, but fancier.

The other adults were gone and I decided to go outside at night and wander around, without Sarah. I was talking to someone invisible who was a friend, but I have no clue who it was. (A spirit maybe?) It seemed normal to add commentary with it.

For some reason, I knew the area was haunted. So, did my invisible friend. We heard stories of chanting, from people we could not remember and all sorts of strange things. I think I was new to the area. We were initially afraid of something happening.

It starts out I go outside, it’s a clear and beautiful night. No one is out there with me but my “friend”. It looks like the type of serenity you would expect of the New Mexico desert. There’s a fenced area, in the fenced area there were animals. (This is the funny part.) There was a coyote or kit-grey fox thing with tiny little human-like arms, with fur on them that matched his. He was bending over and eating from a dog bowl, the way he looked was a bit similar to a kangaroo. A raccoon nearby was eating trash in the same area as the coyote thing. (The raccoon was normal and fat, as a trash panda is.) I could see desert plants in the area and there was no wind.


Beautiful desert like this

Suddenly, the chanting starts up, it’s continuous. But it is not ordinary chanting and we had heard stories of this. It’s children chanting in an unfamiliar tongue. I have no idea what language it was. You could tell from hearing it that it was children. At this moment, me and my friend knew it was trouble. This is how those ghost stories start.

I walked forward away from the fence and closer to the sound of the chanting, to investigate. We didn’t want to end up in a nightmare, but I like to investigate things. As soon as we come closer to another trailer away from the main trailer, you can see a bunch of people and they seem “busy”. By “busy” I mean you cannot exactly tell what is happen, it’s a stressful event, there seems to be a fight, maybe violence, and everyone is distressed. Some people start running in different directions.

At this point, I recognize what is going on. It’s a replay of past events and everyone is going through it. However, these people are dead and have been dead. I can’t explain this part though, I knew they spoke Spanish. How did I know this? Maybe I heard them? (They did look Mexican, too. They had dark skin.) But nothing in my brain triggered such a reaction. So, in my mind there is a evil non-human spirit keeping them there, they don’t know they’re dead, and they are replaying past events. The family was big too, children, women, men… I don’t know how many, but bigger than my current fam.

It was exactly like the movie the Sixth Sense with extra steps. One of the guys, I think it may have been the father, was running past me. I tried to stop him as he fell in front of me. I spoke to him in broken ass Spanish “La familia…. La familia…. La familia es muerte!” (What I meant was “La familia esta muerta.” But I figured he could understand me.) I meant that his entire family and himself were dead, I kept repeating myself until I could get him to understand. The chanting in the background was getting louder and louder at this point. The dream was beginning to feel like a nightmare, the atmosphere was tense and heavy.

He replied “No… No….” Denying it while keeping his focus on the house that he fled from where his family was at. I kept saying “Si. Si.” back to him. Trying to get him to believe me. Just then, the invisible friend’s voice told me the guy was not dead nor his family and I was wrong because he saw no proof of it, I had just assumed. I disagreed with the voice. As the guy ran passed me, there was a huge hole in his neck with his distorting spirit. (Maybe from a gun shot? It was similar to the scene in the Sixth Sense where the kid asks him if he wants to see a gun, then turns around and has a huge hold in his head.) I replied to my friend “See? He’s dead.” As he flashed by us.

The chanting got so loud me and my friend began to worry. It just kept growing angrier and louder. I did not want this to be one of those nightmares that are really bad, so I ran back to the main trailer. The chanting finally stopped at the main trailer. It was silence again. There were many adults up front, because it was like Denny’s for some reason and people came at all hours of the night. I pushed my way through the crowd to go find Sarah in our room.

I asked her about the ghosts stories. I asked her if she had any experiences. But she denied all of this and seemed blissfully unaware. I was scared, I know something followed me back and I know it’s not that family of spirits. She won’t tell me anything though and has never heard the chanting. She just seemed like a normal kid, but I was still freaked out.


Mahadevi the Great Goddess

My mom came into my room for some reason. A man, that evil not-so-human spirit I could feel but not see before, was trying to prevent my mom from entering my room. It was hassling her. If it was not the main spirit, it was one of the lackeys. I don’t know the details. I just know it was attacking my mom and I had to do something.

So some context is required here, the last few days, I do a similar chant to the Charge of the Goddess. I found it is good at getting rid of evil and giving a peace of mind. However, instead of using goddesses of different regions, as Wicca does, I stick to a list of Mahadevi and her many forms. I am not good at Sanskrit too much yet, and I do love the original prayer that uses the names of devi in “Om Durga Namaha” fashion. But when I am desperate, because names have power, I just chant the names of shakti/devi; Chandi, Chamunda, Durga, Parvati, Kali, Adi Parashakti, Chinnamasta, Gauri, etc. I do this while visualizing her.

I started praying with those names, as I slowly approached the spirit. I grabbed the spirit by it’s arm as it was harassing my mom. I kept chanting. I got to Chinnamasta and the spirit disappeared. Then I woke up. Upon awaking the atmosphere in my room felt lighter and I felt better. I definitely think I did something. The nightmare could have been a whole lot worse than it was.