Silent Hill: Stay away from Twin Perfect!

Twin Perfect is a group that was popularly known for producing “The Real Silent Hill Experience” on YouTube. The documentary was noted for being spear headed by Fungo, someone who has been well known in the SH community since 2005, and Rosseter who no one really knew about other than his associations with Fungo.

While there is plenty of content on the web debunking the documentary itself and its claims about Silent Hill, I am not going to talk about that. (It’s too long!) Rather, I want to show other reasons to steer clear of TP and to exonerate Fungo, whose claims during the split seem well founded. I am also writing this as a warning to newcomers to the franchise who may be smitten with TRSHE fantastic looking videos, that they may have not accurately researched the series themselves.


I have to add some history here. Fungo has ran Silent Hill Media X since circa 2005. (He’s been archiving and resourceful with his SH works.) He used to run a forum called “Silent Hill Talk” since that time. I was known as Xuchilbara and was there since early 2006. However, SHT closed/merged with what is now Silent Hill Community. Some of our really old posts were lost in the transition and Fungo remained a staff member for awhile.

Fungo had been talking about doing the documentary for literally, years. Ross did not interact with us much, despite having signed up in 2007. (None of the regulars really knew him.) In any case, while the doc was brought up in earlier posts…. This is the earliest archive post we have on it.

Earliest archived post on the doc I could find relating to Fungo. He links to an older topic that is gone now.

Nothing unusual in the OP. But in the same topic, a year later, Fungo complains that he is doing ALL the editing himself. Or at least his implies his discontent at being the only one working on the video. Meaning Ross was not helping him at all.

TRSHE’s graphics/editing is the work of Fungo. The first part of the doc was released in 2010.


Now you can see some of the claims made by Fungo are certainly not without credence. Later, he released this video about Ross claiming to have hijacked the project. Going through his old posts in SHC and having known him for years, (We were even enemies for a time!) I certainly think Fungo isn’t lying about Ross’s involvement and thievery.

If this video is correct, it’s Rosseter admitting to stealing TRSHE from Fungo.  Now there is other details about the split from Twin Perfect that I don’t want to get into. You can Google those yourself.

I know some people will be like.. “Yeah, that’s some pointless drama that doesn’t involve me, so I don’t care. TRSHE is still accurate.” However, this leads me to a second point.

TRSHE does not have the support of the developers!

Fungo is right about jumping ship on TRSHE, and if at least one rumor proves true, it was  also because he refused to be as bad as Rosseter when it came to bashing people. People, who, actually developed the franchise. Tomm Hulett (Former Konami employee) was one of the biggest dissenters of Twin Perfect in the early days…. But there was also Devin Shatsky and Dan Birlew. (Who wrote official guidebooks for Silent Hill.)

The mud slinging was bad. (Among the public, creators, and TP.) It happened on a few defunct forums, and some of the continuing fights from back then can still be seen on Tomm’s blog. Needless to say, Fungo and Ross “inspired” the creators. They even added a memo about them in Book of Memories:


Rosseter and Fungo are basically “false prophets” here. I guess Tux was left in the dust.

The drama calmed down when Fungo left. However, it should be noted that even the creators do not support Twin Perfect and many people who worked at Konami over the years. They have voiced their opinions on various social media websites; defending themselves when attacked or disagreeing when their quotes were taking out of context. (Not to mention the untrue assertions by TP about the series.)


The fact that they were heavily rallied against by Konami, should be shown that nothing said in the documentary can be taking at face value. The documentary should be taking with a grain of salt, instead. (Especially, if you have never researched these topics presented yourself.)

Also, the fact that Fungo jumped ship early on and his project was stolen from him by Rosseter is something that should be noted. Ross, who is now the “leader”, should not be believed, as he has been caught lying, stealing — on top of attacking game developers. He does not have the support of people who worked on the classic or current Silent Hills.

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