Silent Hill News: September 2017 Edition

This is mostly from the Silent Hill Community. In case you missed it, the biggest piece of news that has been happening, is the unused monsters found by roocker666 on the forums in Silent Hill 1. There are videos in the link showing them, I won’t waste time by posting them here.  We made it on Kotaku for this. Yay, us!

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This is just a sample, of course, there is more in the thread. Ito was reached to comment about them:


He doesn’t seem too thrilled!

People really wanted to know what the symbols for the monsters were… But Ito remained steadfast about his convictions.


It’s like that early deviantart page he had, that he is embarrassed about now. (Just pretend it does not exist, Ito.)

I think the unused “butterflies” are pretty obvious, since it does not take anything away from the original game. (They were replaced with a moth boss, it seems.) The snakes may also have an explanation. There is a similar monster in the final product of the game, which this is given in Book of Lost Memories:

Bloodsucker (Tentacle monster)

area: Hospital

character: Tentacle creature that has no effective attacks

metaphor: “Bloodsucker.” The embodiment of a strong aversion to worms and
snakes and the like.

Perhaps, the “potato fetuses” are an early version of the Numb Body of SH3? As for the frogs, could it be a fairy tale reference where Alessa was awaiting her Prince Charming? The rays, my only theory, is that it’s Alessa’s desire to go to Sea World.

Other news, includes a tweet Ito has made stating SH1-3 models were made using Softimage 3D. Hopefully, there is something to be gained from opening these .ILM files! Time will only tell!

Small time footnote, modders are also wanting to restore the boiler memo in the US version (NTSC-U) version of Silent Hill 1. Even though the US version is the most uncut version of SH1, the boiler memo is absent. It makes one of the rooms in that version, effectively, an empty room with nothing in it.

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