Pyramid Head: Exclusivity?


James (right) shoots at the Pyramid Head monster in Silent Hill 2

There’s been a huge debate in the community over the exclusivity to James. When he appeared in Homecoming, this was controversial because it was assumed to be a subjective experience for James. But going over the lore, it may be completely plausible for the PH to exist in other forms, just like the Valtiel is said to in the Book of Lost Memories. Let’s take a look….

Exhibit A:

First let’s take a look at the origins of the PH.


Cult members dressed in executioner garbs in a religious ceremony. (Silent Hill 2)

Undoubtedly, the Pyramid Head’s IMAGE is based on the cult and their history with being a place of executions. It is natural, therefore, to assume, that he cannot just be a product of James’s mind. As Silent Hill 2 itself shows, James is not the only one called by the town to be punished or redeemed of sin.

An interesting interview with Takayoshi Sato, one of the developers for 2, sheds some light on this simple facts:

Here is back story of the town. I filled many logical holes we had in SH1.

The place Silent Hill is used to be the place of execution, away from cities. That was secret and sacred place. Heinous criminals are transferred to that place and get executed. That place existed only for that reason. Thus all village people are executioners or family of executioners. Executioners needed to wear a mask at the event so they do not directly witness their spear when it was piercing flesh. Time have past, only memory of execution lingered, got enhanced and formed the roaming illusion of Silent Hill. Pyramid head is distorted memory of the executioners.

So, we see that Pyramid Head is more complex than just James. He has a basis in that town, and has for a very long time.

Book of Lost Memories expands:

In the religion of Silent Hill, Valtiel exists as one who is close to God, and
Pyramid Head takes the shape of Valtiel’s reason for existence. That is to say,
the Pyramid Head character was born from the townspeoples’ idolatrous ideologies. In the first game, the ceremonial robes were in homage to Valtiel.

But what about the part in BoLM that talks of James and PH? We can agree the IMAGE of PH is based on the town’s lore….

Takes the appearance of an executioner of times past, but is actually incarnated from the part of James’consciousness that feels that he deserves punishment.

There is no doubt here that James is manifesting the PH(s) in 2. But we need to be clear, just because it may have been seen by him doesn’t mean it is exclusive to him, which leads me to another thing….

Exhibit B:

Even if James was the first person to see the PH, he won’t be the last.


James stares at a painting of the Pyramid Head in 2.

Now how in the world can that be? Well, it has happened before and it happened in the very game the Pyramid Head debuted in. It happened with these things:


“Creeper” a bug monster that originated from Alessa’s nightmare.

Yep. If you every played Silent Hill 1, you’d know that these roach creatures are NOT manifested from James. No, rather, they are Alessa’s manifestation based on repulsion. They have absolutely nothing to do with James whatsoever. But they show up in 2. Why? Let’s take a look at the Book of Lost Memories…

As per the description for SH1:

Creeper (Insect/Cockroach)

area: School, hospital, sewers

character: A giant insect that moves with great speed and reacts strongly
to light

metaphor: “Creeper.” The manifested image of Alessa’s dislike of insects.

In the SH2 portion:


area: Apartment building, prison

character: An insect-like creature that moves with great speed

metaphor: “Creeper.” Since it also appears in the preceding work, one
can think that it is derived for the most part from the town’s power.

So, as we can see, if the town’s power is strong enough to carry on monsters, it can do that with the PH as well. This also happened in Silent Hill 3. The “Closer” monster in 3 is the “above ground” version of the Mandarin. The BoLM even confirms this.

Exhibit C

“White Hunter” is a comic that came with the Silent Hill Origins (2007) soundtrack.


An excerpt of “White Hunter”

It was made by Masahiro Ito, the man who came up with the Pyramid Head and worked on the classic series. If the comic, which was published by Konami, is canon, and it probably is, then it’s telling. It depicts the PH by himself in another world. Completely independent of James.


You all make Ito angry because of your love of the monster and his non-exclusivity.


Ito is ready for the Pyramid Head to die, so he can stop drawing it.

The town’s power is much, much greater than fans give it credit for. It can re-manifest monsters that were thought to be “exclusive” to characters. Therefore, PH in Homecoming isn’t that unjustified.


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One Response to Pyramid Head: Exclusivity?

  1. I think there is a problem with the “approach” to Pyramid Head. When you play from SH1 to SH2 you see a monster created for something or somebody that is an antagonist in your path to save your wife. At some point, like when he see the painting (if the player stands in the front), this idea got confused. The simple antagonist does not mach with the plot, and as Maria is born from a wish, so PH can be too. Than, considering only SH2, the idea of an exclusive Jame’s character is born, and as he torture and kill Maria, this became a strong idea – Ito’s idea if I got it right. But considering all the SH universe that is the place of many games, I don’t think PH can be that exclusive. What I do think PH is James’s executioner in SH2, as Maria is his “succubus” (could not find something better). They play a paper in the story of James. But this game does not turn around of James only, as we have Laura, Angela and Eddie, so I think PH do exists without James, so as Maria (even if nobody cares for Maria – poor girl). However, they don’t just keep walking around the city looking for somebody to bother, they exists/act for a reason (in the expanded concept of existence of SH). I disagree with Ito’s idea of to kill PH, because will just justify his existence all this time – will be the reverse of his intention. In SH3 and SH4 he does not appears and we don’t miss him, simple as that. As James, Ito seems stuck by his own Pyramid Head!

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