Reverse Fetishising Kali?

Interesting thoughts on the Great Mother.

Queer Shaktism

Kali was originally depicted naked, in sexual congress with the corpse like Shiva and with naked dakinis or female servant witches dancing on the battlefield with bloodied daggers and swords. She carried terrible weapons and wore fear-inspiring ornaments, arguably the most frightening being the skull-topped staff (Khatvanga), a severed human head (of the most difficult to defeat demon Raktabija), a skull bowl that collected blood from the demon’s head, a curved sword with an eye in it, and wearing severed human heads and arms as garlands and skirts.


But why would the Supreme Goddess of the devotees and saints be given such horrible looks and features? it serves two purposes in the spiritual aspect. the nakedness of Kali urges the devotee to break free of social conditioning of morality and propriety in front of the Goddess. why must one do so? because Shakta thought acknowledges that morality and propriety are…

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