So What if I Am “Crazy”?

Unhinged and unenlightened

The other day I was watching a video from a relatively prominent Wiccan figure, and by prominent I mean they lead a small online community and their Youtube channel has several thousand viewers. The video was going well when all of a sudden they justified their argument by saying “I’m not crazy! We’re not mentally ill!” and by ‘we’ they meant their online community members.
Immediately, I was put off. Then, I was angry. Now, I’m insulted.
Because so what if I am ‘crazy’? So what if I am mentally ill? Does that negate my spiritual perspectives? Do all my arguments mean nothing then?
Statements like “I mean, I’m not crazy” reinforces that yes, if you are ‘crazy’, experience psychosis, or have a mental illness then guess what? Your word means nothing. Your arguments are void. Your point of view doesn’t matter.
What especially irritates me is that this person…

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